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Scattered along the banks of the many rivers that crisscross the Darien, far from the comforts and problems of civilization, they seem to be in complete harmony with their surroundings.Proud, peaceful, honest, but suspicious of outsiders, they live a day-to-day existence in which there are few economic pressures.

Believed to be decendents of the Caribs, the Kuna Indians tribe still live in much the same manner as their ancestors.

The husband gathers coconuts, cultivates the food, provides firewood, repairs the house, makes his and his son's clothes, weaves baskets and carves wooden utensils.

The wife prepares the food, collects fresh water from the mainland rivers, unloads the boats, sews female garments, washes the clothes and cleans the house.

Possibly because of their savage appearance, they have stirred the imagination of the mythmakers.

They are, however, more friendly than their Kuna cousins. The men have a muscular frame, an abundance of straight black hair and wears earrings.

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