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The Korean version - Playful Kiss - was my least favorite of all the incarnations and is to date one of my least favorite dramas of all time. I just hate how mean the boy is to the girl and then suddenly reciprocates her affections, albeit almost begrudgingly. KMUSE- It looks like we might have a different vibe as well.

Read the rest of this entry » Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (Thai: อังศุมาลิน สิรภัทรศักดิ์เมธา, RTGS: Angsumalin Siraphatsakmetha; born: July 13, 1991), or nickname Pattie (Thai: แพทตี้), is a Thai film and television actress and model.DONGSAENG: I too have watched all the (live) versions of this story, which surprises me considering I don't actually care for it. Yet I keep coming back to it for some weird reason.The Japanese Love in Tokyo was my favorite version of this story as well, though I liked the portrayal of the male character best in the Taiwanese version.Taliw a cute, lively but clumsy girl has had a crush on a popular and genius, Tenten, a new student who has 200 IQ. How Taliw will deal with her feelings towards Tenten?Sometimes, he treats her kindly and cares about her.

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