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The Galaxy S8 I was using for testing never complained about temperature, and it was cool to touch even after a full day of working in De X mode.It charges while docked, too, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice - you’ll be fully fuelled up and ready for some hardcore Netflix binges on the commute home.This made it tricky to keep up with the Stuff slack channel - there are only so many missed opportunities for posting animated GIFs before your colleagues are asking if you’re OK.Sometimes I’d be working on one app, then switch to another only to discover it had stopped responding.Right now, though, it won’t work with any other phone, so you’re out of luck unless you’ve picked up one of Samsung’s latest.A small, built-in fan keeps the phone running cool, and is so quiet that I could never hear it over the general background noise of the Stuff office.In fact, the whole thing felt responsive and stutter-free, so you can quickly forget you’re working off your phone.If you’ve ever used a Chromebook, stick PC or thin client workstation computer, you’ll feel right at home in terms of performance.

Probably about as much time as you spend on your laptop when you’re actually sat at your desk, I’m betting. Have your phone do all the work, and lighten your load.

Open the app drawer and you’ll see all of your installed apps, including Samsung’s own, which have been tweaked to work well on the big screen.

The web browser in particular does a great job, opening the desktop version of websites by default, loading pages quickly and staying smooth, even when you’ve got a You Tube video playing in another window.

Plug it in and the phone automatically switches into De X mode, disabling the handset screen and waking up your monitor.

It takes less than a minute for a desktop to appear. Motorola and HP’s attempts at docking stations mirrored your phone on the big screen, but here, you get a familiar app tray, shortcut bar, desktop icons and system tray.

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