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He also appears to have undertaken further new translations into Latin from the Hexaplar Septuagint column for other books, of which only that for Job survives.From 390 to 405, Jerome translated anew from the Hebrew all 39 books in the Hebrew Bible, including a further version of the Psalms.43 of his City of God that "in our own day the priest Jerome, a great scholar and master of all three tongues, has made a translation into Latin, not from Greek but directly from the original Hebrew." Nevertheless, Augustine still maintained that the Septuagint alongside the Hebrew witnessed the inspired text of Scripture and consequently pressed Jerome for complete copies of his Hexaplar Latin translation of the Old Testament, a request that Jerome ducked with the excuse that the originals had been lost "through someone's dishonesty".As Jerome completed his translations of each book of the Bible, he recorded his observations and comments in an extensive correspondence with other scholars.Jerome lived 15 years after the completion of his Old Testament text, during which he undertook extensive commentaries on the Prophetic Books.

Also valuable from a text-critical perspective is the revised Vulgate text of the Apocalypse, a book where there is no clear majority text in the surviving Greek witnesses, as both the Old Latin base text and its revisions show signs of using early Greek texts.

Jerome's views did not prevail and all complete manuscripts and editions of the Vulgate include some or all of these books.

Of the Old Testament texts not found in the Hebrew, Jerome translated Tobit and Judith anew from the Aramaic, and from the Greek the additions to Esther from the Septuagint and the additions to Daniel from Theodotion.

By the time of Damasus' death in 384, Jerome had thoroughly completed this task, together with a more cursory revision from the Greek Common Septuagint of the Old Latin text of the Psalms in the Roman Psalter, a version which he later disowned and is now believed to be lost.

but little of his work survived in the Vulgate text of these books.

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