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You can find more about Kit ...…In this episode, we’re getting back to our roots!The Multiamory crew was interviewed about the basics of polyamory and our personal experiences for a radio project.If you’re a polyamory beginner, or if you need some inspiration for answering all the questions your family and friends are throwing at you, check out this episode.If you want to ...…Today, the club’s taken over by none other than its host, Dylan Thomas, as he tells a story about a wonderful, intense, and surprisingly complex surprise experience he had recently with someone he never expected to connect with on an intimate level again.マルチアモリーの仲間が、東京にやってきました!ポリアモリー、セクシュアリティ、キンク、リレーションシップについての示唆に富んだ議 ...…We on the Wet Coast are huge fans of sex toys.

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In this episode we talk about how consent affects our lives outside the bedroom as well as the difficult task of holding space for people who have been called out on boundary violations.

If you want to support our show, the best way is to become ...…Tonight the social club hosts a takeover by Sex Educator, and Host of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Dirty Lola, and creator of Poly Role Models, Kevin Patterson. You can support us while you buy great sex toys and products from our favorite online retailer She Vibe at lifeontheswingset.

They are black by popular demand and they’re creating a space where your lived experiences are front and center, a space where you don’t need to code switch or watch your tone, a space where you can ...…Attraction. ...…This week we are talking about expectations — a force for both good and evil!

We’ve tried a lot of different things and have learned through extensive trial and error what types of toys work best for us, since not every toy works for every body.

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Kat ...…We’ve all spent a big chunks of our your lives trying to transform relationships from “kind of okay” into “good”.

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