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Unlike the previous shows that feature the Kardashians as the star, Kourtney and Kim Take New York gives people a look at the girls professional side and shows how hard they have worked to make it to the top.It is also a positive example for anyone who is working to open their own business.Now, Australia has become the very first country to tell a Kardashian "You are not welcome here. , Kris Humphries tells Kim Kardashian, "You're my wife now.

I missed all the tell-tale signs that he was going to be miserable.

You have to earn the right to remove yourself from the chaos of the world in order to focus.

When Kanye decided to flee to Hawaii to record One of the reasons he claims he needs to leave New York is Mason, Scott and Kourtney’s child, citing early-morning crying and poop smells. Mason is the man of the house and that doesn’t sit well with Kris. When Kris does things, they are dumb and no one likes them.

The show follows the girls as they travel to New York to open up another D-A-S-H clothing store.

It gives insight into their love lives, business, and family drama.

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