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When the answer is “yes,” the other user is notified and has the opportunity to respond. The graphic shows what percentage of people responded to a “yes,” based on the gender and ethnicity of both parties (the data are only for opposite-sex pairs of people).Unsurprisingly, most “yes’s” go unanswered, but there are patterns: For example, Asian women responded to white men who “yessed” them 7.8% of the time, more often than they responded to any other race.Not only were these situations humiliating for the workers, but they were also frustrating for the managers involved. Getting with the Program Surveys show that around 25 percent of the organizations surveyed are offering training on ways to best manage workplace romances—a ten percent increase over the last three years. Personally, I have never understood why someone would want to be involved in an office relationship. "Here's someone I already see and deal with for at least eight hours a day. Hey, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and it will lead to something more. I have been contacted by more than one person wanting to date Scandinavian people or even marry one of us. Marrying a Scandinavian Let me answer the last question first: Yes, many of us choose not to get married but that doesn’t mean that we don’t live together or have children in well-established partnerships.Dating rules So to make it clear what I’m talking about: As far as I understand it, dating in so many non-Scandinavian countries may consist of a man asking a woman he doesn’t know very well to go out to dinner and/or a movie with him, his picking her up and dropping her off afterwards and his paying the bills and making the decisions, and the first date ends with a kiss at the most? If so, buckle up and see how we non-date in Scandinavia.Dating rules – the Scandinavian version Dating, as mentioned above, is what we don’t do. I`ll make you a list of what we don’t do so you’re not confused: Edit: Someone pointed out that I hadn’t linked up to Scandinavia and the World. But it comes with a warning: If you start reading, you can`t stop. Harem Scarem Then there was the story of Linda and Tim. I'm not against love; when it happens it happens, even if it's at work. Tim was the new sales guy, with broad shoulders and a 1000-kilowatt smile.

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Fortunately, Mike still had some of her old emails; that ended the dispute, but not the rift.So Close, Yet So Far Steve and Ann seemed like they might just make it, getting two whole years under their office relationship belts before Ann abruptly called it quits one day. He still saw her every day, although she pretended not to see him.The energy he once put into great work was then spent on surfing for another job—which he eventually found—simply to get away from her. And how do we procreate if we don’t date and don’t marry? So the few times we have to use the word ‘date’ (usually to describe something foreigners do) we use the English word for it. So how do we figure on top of these lists of “happiest people in the world,” you wonder?

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