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They did not have any third party, did not do anything to harm the other.

For ten years they worked hard toward the same direction on the same road, but gradually their pace differed as they were looking at their own scenery.

She graduated from Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education's Department of Fashion Design.

In 2002, she joined Hong Kong music group Cookies and became the lead singer.

Aside from releasing albums and filming movies, Alex Fong is also one of the hosts of TVB's hit cooking comedy show, Beautiful Cooking, along with Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung.

英文名: Stephy Tang中文名: 邓丽欣生日: 15/10星座:天秤座嗜好:唱歌,跳舞,打排球,画画喜爱音乐: Pop, Rock喜爱歌曲:王菲,张学友喜欢歌曲: Beautiful One (Cardigans)喜爱演员:张艾嘉喜爱电影:[Amelice],[心动],[我的兄弟姊妹],[天使爱美丽]喜爱食物:蜜汁叉烧,栗子,鸡蛋仔喜爱运动:排球,羽毛球,游泳成为Cookies前的工作:学生 / Part Time Model 入行途径: Talent Bang引荐唱片公司: EMI EMI官方网站: About Cookies: HAPPY BIRTHDAYMerry Christmas All The Best Cookies Cookies 4 Play (AVCD)Cookies 4 in love Cookies 4 in love ver.2Hoilday VCDChannel Cookies Karaoke DVD十一团火音乐会 CD --Cookies 十一团火音乐会 VCD --Cookies 十一团火音乐会 DVD--Cookies About Stephy: Dating Stephy-珍藏版(07年5月12日推出)Dating Stephy-首版(07年2月04日推出)Coloring Stephy - 首版 (06年8月5日推出)Coloring Stephy - 第二版 (06年10月推出)Stephy Fantasy - 首版 (05年3月28日推出)Stephy Fantasy - 限量版 (05年3月28日推出) 未出道时期: 1) Clean & Clear洁肤棉2) Clean & Clear洗颜泡泡3) Clean & Clear保湿喷雾 Cookies时期:1) Meko蜜桃之水&桃之红茶广告 2) MEKO纯水3) freshlook隐形眼镜硬照4) 2 Percent硬照 4) 2002 meko纯水/加矿矿泉水/果冻5) 古龙群侠传 2 [七武器] 网络版6) 古龙群侠传 2 [幽灵山庄] 硬照7) Hanacha 纤之花茶硬照 8 ) adidas硬照 9) 新天地婚纱 硬照10) Broadway 平面广告11) starwood 硬照11) Skechers 第一辑 硬照 12) Skechers 第二辑 硬照13) 中原电器 ver.2 广告14) 中原电器 ver.2 平面广告 1) 恋爱自由式2) 当四叶草碰上剑尖时(客串) 3) 美丽在望(客串) 曾拍网剧 : now.com网剧 四曲奇谈now.com网剧 蓝罐最痛now.com网剧 百份百感觉 冬日之恋Stephy Profile - MVStephy 个人歌曲:不要离我太远他不准我哭青山散步 (TVB ver)黑白照蓝鞋子 (TVB ver)蓝鞋子 铃鼓咖啡店小红帽Cookies 歌曲:(太多了,不能尽录)非Cookies歌曲: 一一 shine 简单而隆重 shine 半个海洋 BAD 好心好报(合唱版) 方力申 七友 梁汉文 找我 梁汉文使徒行传 梁汉文 04祝福你 群星 好好恋爱(合唱版) 方力申 好好恋爱TVB版(合唱版) 方力申Blue Skies 陈冠希冷静热情之间 方力申 傅颖 2000年 : YES!They asked the outside not to make other speculation to harm either one of them.In the afternoon Stephy on social media explained the reason for the break up and said that it was a very solemn decision.Stephy remained very protective of Siu Fong as she only blamed fate. I wasn't fortunate enough to be with him until we are old and gray, I can only blame fate.I don't have any right to regret and no need to either." As for the "break up", Stephy felt that "breaking up was only because of sacrifice.

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